Backing Game Studio Founders 

VGames is the venture fund for game entrepreneurs. Having both worked with some of the youngest and most mature developers, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to build a great game. We are passionate about games, and about supporting companies as they grow to become global leaders.


We Believe in Founders

VGames was founded to support early stage founders trying to turn their dreams into reality.


We Believe in Patience 

Building a game takes time; we are here to support ideation, distribution, and monetization; we want to work closely with founders who think big.


We Believe in Games 

People used to think of games as the “future of entertainment,” but the future is here. Games already form a major part of the global entertainment industry, and we’re just getting started.


We Believe in Data & Art

Coming from a strong data-driven background, we believe that the right combination of data and art is what makes a great game.


Eitan Reisel

Founder and Managing Partner of VGames.


In 2013, Eitan founded the Google Games team based out of Tel Aviv, working with the largest publishers globally to build the right tools and services to support game companies. Eitan worked closely with CEOs on building the right organization for scale, data driven models and moving the needle in terms of the value Google provides to game publishers, regardless of size.


“As an entrepreneur and angel investor, I know how important first investors are to the health of the business. In games especially, patience and data are key to building the next generation of unicorn companies. I believe Israel is only getting started on the road to becoming a leading global game market”